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According to the Taipei City Government, on average 15,000 startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are registered in Taipei per year. Taipei offers a wide range of resources including more than 300 startup bases, incubators, venture capitals (VCs), coworking spaces, and many more.

This year, in an effort to help promote Taipei’s entrepreneurial resources, the Taipei City Government collaborated with EVERIII Consulting and curated the Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub (TEH) project. The project aims to help foreign innovators to soft land in Taipei through summits, educational bootcamps, online and offline networking sessions and events, all hosted in Taipei startup bases…

To strengthen Taiwan startups’ international reputation, on top of the national startup brand Startup Island TAIWAN, the National Development Council (NDC) launched the NEXT BIG project. Together, the startup communities and industry key opinion leaders jointly nominated nine startups to become NEXT BIG representatives. With NEXT BIG leading the way, Taiwan hopes to see more young people be inspired and Taiwan’s thriving entrepreneurial energy be conveyed to the world.

The National Development Council launches the NEXT BIG project to showcase Taiwan’s endless entrepreneurial energy to the world

The nine NEXT BIG are:
CoolBitX: founded in 2014, CoolBitX is committed to blockchain security technology’s innovation and development. They produced the world’s first cold wallet “CoolWallet” and provided tailor-made software services…

In 2019, after extensive meetings and workshops with Taiwan’s startup communities and opinion leaders to explore the DNA of Taiwan’s innovation and entrepreneurship, the National Development Council (NDC) launched the national startup brand of Taiwan — Startup Island TAIWAN. The brand aims to unite all startup forces across Taiwan to demonstrate to the world the strong ambition and capabilities of Taiwan startup companies as well as their intention and ability to contribute to other startup ecosystems around the world.

Starting with Meet Taipei, Startup Island TAIWAN will host a series of exciting activities across Taiwan. Meet Taipei is one of…

The actual #AsiaRocks exhibition has officially come to an end, but the contents are still available for access online here and the forum here.

In one fireside chat, four cross-border investors discussed the impact of COVID-19 on Startup Funding. For investors and venture capitals (VCs) that specifically invest in internet-themed companies, this year has actually been a rather good year for them. Not only is the industry least affected, COVID has further accelerated the adoption of mobile technology.

(In Alphabetical Order) Akio Tanaka — Founding Partner at Infinity Venture Partners, Michael Karbouris — Head of Strategy for Buy and Sell Side Technology at Nasdaq, William Bao Bean — General Partner of SOSV and Managing Director of MOX and Chinaccelerator, and Yan Lee — Managing Partner at Hive Ventures; moderated by Catherine Lu

“Crisis pushes human race to opportunity,” says Yan. “The prevalence of online business calls opens up opportunities as there are no needs…

Last year, Taiwan Startup Stadium launched its first-ever #AsiaRocks event in Taiwan. #AsiaRocks aims to bring together prominent ecosystem builders across APAC to provide startups a whole new gateway to Asian markets. Through exhibition, keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, #AsiaRocks offers unique “cross-border, market-entry” content for the attendees. It also provides access to key players and resources from Asian markets, opportunities to deep dive into the different startup ecosystems, a closer look into investment trends, government subsidy programs, and soft-landing services of these regions. The event attracted hundreds of attendees from across different industries.

This year, #AsiaRocks returns…

“Common Startup Fundraising Pitfalls in Hong Kong” Fireside Chat; (From Left to Right, Top to Bottom) Featuring Alvin Lam of T12M Ventures, Tenny Lam of Grand Rise Technology, Anthony Huen of ASA Innovation & Technology Limited, Moderator Paul Wang of PolyU HK, and Leo Chiu of Smart City Consortium

Speaker Backgrounds

Alvin Lam — An entrepreneur for over 17 years, built a digital agency in Hong Kong and grew it from two people to 300, acquired by Accenture. In 2016, started a private equity (PE) fund — T12M Ventures that focuses on venture capital (VC) and angel investments. So far, invested in 20 projects.

Tenny Lam Co-founded Grand Rise Technology in 2019, which received funding from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) Launchpad. The startup commercializes a green antimicrobial nano-coating technology and is believed to be more cost-effective, safe and also more environmentally friendly. …

“Corporate Venture Capitalists (CVC) Methods” Fireside Chat; (From Left to Right) Featuring Kevin Chan of LINE Taxi, Vick Chien of Lee & Li, Cecilia Tang of LINE Corp, Albert Liu of Quants AI; Moderated by Kurt Chen of ORION Venture Partners

Speaker Backgrounds

Albert Liu — CEO & Co-Founder of ScanTrader, a social investment platform founded in 2017. It’s launched on LINE’s platform and has its own website.

Cecilia Tang — Corporate Strategy of LINE Corp. Joined LINE in 2015. Before she joined LINE, she worked in finance for 10 years, relatively new to the internet industry. She oversees strategic planning and partnership development and is in charge of investments and post-investment management and research. She founded the LINE Protostar program.

Kevin Chan — Originally from HK, moved to Taiwan in 2015. In late 2016 he founded TaxiGo — a ride…

From the Term Sheet Bootcamp, there are some contents from the fireside chats that we think might be useful for the wider startup audience out there. We’ll be organizing and sharing them with you in the following weeks.

“Meet Your Match — Fundraising in the COVID-19 Landscape” Fireside Chat (In Alphabetical Order) Featuring Amy Do of JAFCO, Bobby Liu of TFI, Bryan Heng of KK Fund, and Jielun Ong of Plug And Play Asia; Moderated by Leroy Yau of Taiwan Startup Stadium

How were the results to Meet Your Match?

Bryan: The Meet Your Match program started because we want our own portfolio companies to meet with new investors under COVID-19. And then we thought if we’re going to do the matching already, why not extend it to other startups as well? The first stop was Thailand, we onboarded 30 to 40 investors before launching. After a week, we expanded it to…

From July 31st through August 1st, Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) held their fifth annual Term Sheet Bootcamp (TSB) in Taiwan, co-hosting with BE Capital, Hong Kong Polytechnic University of Science and Technology, KK Fund, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) and Youth Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government. This is the first time for TSB to take place in the South of Taiwan in Kaohsiung. It was both in-person and live-streamed online for the participation of overseas audiences under the travel restrictions of COVID-19. …

Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) will hold its 5th annual Term Sheet Bootcamp (TSB) — Fundraising Level-Up, at the end of July.

Term Sheet Bootcamp is a 2-day intensive bootcamp dedicated to: providing an in-depth understanding of term sheets and negotiation strategies, bridging investors and founders, and building stronger connections among players in the startup ecosystem. Along with solid lectures, there will be panel discussions with investors and entrepreneurs, interactive workshops and role-plays, and 1–1 office hours with investors and legal experts. …


PR & Mentor Relations Associate at TSS. A TCK that’s now based in Taipei — on a mission to explore the global startup world.

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